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Modern Sequence Dancing
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Beginners Sequence class.
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Would you like to join us for a night of dancing in a relaxed atmosphere?

Our dance night is a mixture of sequence and ballroom dancing, but our emphasis is definitely on sequence dancing.

So what is sequence?

You will have seen ballroom dancing on STRICTLY. Well sequence is simply strictly in a circle, with everyone doing the same steps, at the same time, travelling in the same direction – so a barn dance and a gay gordons are very simple sequence dances.

Sequence dancing is easy to learn once you know the basic ballroom steps, so we can get you doing your first real dance very quickly.

Private lessons can be arranged if you are absolute beginners.

We use a mixture of music types from traditional to pop, from Glen Miller to Michael Buble.

Click Here for a list of the dances we have done and the ones we hope to do in the near future.

Hope to see you sometime.

Marion and Colin



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